Why Engage a Coach?

16 January 2020
Michael answers some of the questions normally asked about engaging a coach

What tools do you use as a coach?

05 April 2020
Michael answers questions about what tools he uses as a coach to get to the client's desired outcome

What's the difference between coaching and lawyering?

17 January 2020
Michael explains the different techniques he uses when being a coach compared to when he is acting as a lawyer

What's the difference between a coach, a counselor and a mentor?

17 January 2020
Michael explains the difference between a coach, counselor and mentor so you can decide which is the most appropriate for you.

What to expect from a coaching session

17 January 2020
Michael explains what to expect from a coaching session

Why lawyers need to deliver better value if they are stay relevant (and how to do it)

17 January 2020
In a recent survey of 79 New Zealand legal service users by Approachable Lawyer, by far the biggest frustration with lawyers was cost. This is why some clients view lawyers as a “last resort” or a “very expensive part of our team”. Criticisms ranged from “time wasting, pontification” to not knowing at the outset what a piece of advice will cost. And you can understand that frustration. If I jump into a taxi I have a pretty good idea how much it is going to cost to get to the airport. If I use Uber then I can be certain. I use the taxi analogy because taxis run on meters, much like lawyers.

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