Change management

Every business must change to evolve and stay competitive. Often those changes require employees to move positions, change duties, or end their employment. However, many people are resistant to change and so implementing change requires care to ensure the correct messages are conveyed in an empathetic manner whilst at the same time ensuring legal compliance.

Change is a difficult process for anyone and that’s particularly the case when it involves a person’s job. It is not uncommon for employees to become defensive and take change personally rather than as a process which the business requires to remain competitive. Therefore, any form of change management not only requires adherence with the legal duties of good faith and consultation but needs to be handled in a manner which is sensitive to an employee’s insecurities.Effective communication is essential as part of any change management or redundancy process.

I specialise in communicating change in such a way that avoids technical language and conveys the intent behind the change in a manner which an employee can understand.

I will guide you through the process of change to its conclusion and can attend meetings with affected staff if required.

Whilst I can never guarantee that every employee will be happy with the proposed change, my aim is to ensure minimum fall out and avoidance of personal grievance claims.

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I just wanted to thank you for the superb job you did for us. Your input and support was invaluable and there is no question that without you onboard the outcome would not have been so positive. Although the issue probably appeared small to you the outcome was so important to our club. The player is now a keen member of the squad. The things I appreciated most was your accessibility and positive, but honest view of the situation. I enjoyed working with you and definitely look forward to using you in a proactive manner in the near future. I will continue to highly recommend your services to who ever will listen. Once again thanks mate, You're a gem!
Tony Benson - Hibiscus Coast Raiders Rugby League Team
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