The hardest part of your managers' roles is dealing with staff under their control. Many managers will have started their career as specialists in their chosen field but are often ill-equipped to get the best out of their team or are nervous about addressing performance or conduct issues, either due to fear of confrontation or nervousness about saying the wrong thing.

The task of dealing with an employee is complicated by the need to comply with employment legislation. If an employee is not performing, what can be done to ensure improvement or that they are moved towards dismissal without risk to the business? If an employee engages in misconduct, what steps should your manager take to ensure the misconduct is dealt with effectively and quickly without risk to the business? I am a specialist employment lawyer who has written two books on employment law. I can provide training to your managers on all aspects of employment law and employment processes to ensure your managers do not end up exposing you to a personal grievance.

Training can be provided in a group setting or an individual setting and can be a formal presentation or be carried out in an informal discussion-based setting. It can also be combined with one on one coaching if the issue is more concerned with building confidence or removing other limiting beliefs.

As part of any training session, I ensure that the content is relevant, and the learning outcomes are delivered in a way that the attendees don’t forget.

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Each year Michael has volunteered his time to talk to my adult students who are studying business at night school. He always shares his knowledge and experience of business and law in a way that engages, supports and inspires. Michael's natural coaching style combined with his professionalism ( and humour ) is always a highlight for the students. They love him! Thanks so much Michael!
Jane Edwards - Tutor - Certificate in Small Business Management
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