Negotiation (n): the process by which parties in conflict adjust positions, by trading issues of lesser importance for issues of greater importance, because the agreement must be implemented by all parties*

I am a graduate of the Scotwork Advanced Negotiating Skills course. Also, as a lawyer of over 30 years’ experience, I have negotiated countless settlements for clients, both in a mediation environment and outside of mediation.

I have been trained to identify at an early stage whether a negotiated outcome is possible and, if it is, to use refined skills to identify the common tactics used in the negotiation process and what strategies to deploy to counter such tactics. The outcome is a strategic process designed to ensure a positive outcome for you which means nothing is left on the table.

If you have a situation which requires careful negotiation, please get in touch. I will keep you updated at each stage of the negotiating process to ensure you are fully comfortable with any proposals submitted and advise you on the best strategy for achieving your desired outcome.

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* Definition kindly provided by Scotwork International

Michael is not an ordinary lawyer. As his business name suggest he is “approachable,” not only in his manner but in the way he works. Rather than simply relying on his technical knowledge and understanding of the law, he is also skilled, creative and adept at identifying and utilizing potential sources of power and leverage to the benefit of his clients, but not necessarily to the detriment of the other parties he is dealing with. This enables him to get better, genuine, win win outcomes than those ordinary lawyers are capable of achieving
Mark Simpson - Scotwork New Zealand
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