Employed But Not Engaged: How to break up with your employees and hold on to the ring

Published 2008

A humorous explanation of how to terminate the employment of a disengaged employee without getting a personal grievance.

The book covers:

  • How to comply with your duty of good faith
  • How to recruit the right employees
  • How to set the rules of the employment relationship
  • How to dismiss an employee for misconduct
  • How to run a redundancy process
  • How to performance manage an employee
  • How to terminate for medical incapacity
  • How to manage a resignation and avoid a constructive dismissal
  • How to navigate an employment relationship break-up
  • How to handle a personal grievance

Given that a staggering one in ten employees in New Zealand are actively disengaged with their work, the book is essential reading for any employer.

Michael Smyth has written an easy-to read book which on face value should be every employer's bible
Sir Robert Jones

Employed But Under Fire: Strategies for Dealing with a Difficult Boss

Published 2013

Do you dread going into work in the morning? Is your boss causing you sleepless nights? Does your working environment make you ill?

If you answer any of these questions with a yes, then Employed But Under Fire is the book for you. The book will give you clarity over whether you should leave or raise a personal grievance. The book covers:

  • Should you raise a personal grievance?
  • How to negotiate an employment agreement so it doesn’t trip you up later
  • How to navigate a disciplinary process
  • How to handle a performance improvement process
  • What to do if you are being bullied
  • How to navigate a redundancy
  • How to negotiate an exit package
  • What to do if a competitor tries to poach you
  • How to pursue a grievance in the Employment Relations Authority

Available in paperback and E-book

Employed but under Fire is easy to grasp at all levels and you don't need to be a lawyer to understand the contents
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