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Every Employer’s Bible – Sir Bob Jones

Sir Bob Jones described Employed But Not Engaged as every employer’s bible. That’s because by reading this book you could save yourself the hassle of having to defend an employee personal grievance and in doing so save yourself thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees and compensation.

NZ Business Magazine rated Employed But Not Engaged as its Book of the Month for its November 2008 edition and gave it a rating of 8/10.

All the reviews are very well, but why not make up your own mind? Of course, the problem with online bookstores is that you can’t thumb through the books and have a jolly good ready before you buy. Neither can online book stores provide comfy chairs and lattes. However, on this site we provide the next best thing and allow you to have a read of chapter 1 of Employed But Not Engaged before you decide to buy. All you need to do is fill out the form below and you will be taken to a page with the download*. I will contact you in a week or so to see whether enjoyed it.

What the first chapter includes

The first chapter is more than just an introduction to the rest of the book and contains valuable information which you can implement into your business straight away. It is not a sales pitch for the rest of the book. It contains information on the following topics:
  1. What are disengaged employees?
  2. Why you need to get rid of disengaged employees
  3. Circumstances when you can’t dismiss a disengaged employee
  4. When can you dismiss a disengaged employee?
  5. What process do you need to follow when dismissing employees?
  6. Chapter Summary in mind map format
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