How to Become a Partner of Approachable Lawyer

At Approachable lawyer we value working with strategic partners with the object of growing our respective businesses. Whilst we refer to such relationships as partnerships, they are not partnerships in the legal sense, but simply a mutual desire to work together to achieve common goals.

Our experience shows that such partnerships only work where both parties benefit in some way and where there is regular contact between us. To ensure this happens, we have set out what we are able to contribute to a partnership and how we see a partnership working. We have various levels of partnership, each with different levels of time investment. If any of the options suit you then please let us know.

Note about exclusivity
We do not offer exclusivity in any particular market segment to any of our partners. That is why we encourage our partners to emphasise their point of difference and their service levels to clients so we can promote you in the right way to our clients and subscribers. Please do not be offended if we work with other businesses in your industry or profession. Similarly, we do not expect you to offer exclusivity to us with your network.

Bronze partners

As you know, we produce a monthly newsletter for our clients and have numerous articles on our website. All our articles are protected by copyright. 

We know that sometimes business owners struggle to find content for their own newsletters so therefore we are happy to let our Bronze partners use our content freely without having to gain permission each time. The only rule is that we are still credited with the authorship of the article and whenever one of our articles appears in a newsletter, website or magazine, a link back to our website is provided at the foot of the article and the article remains otherwise intact (i.e. no editing).

Subject to our editorial discretion, we would be happy to send copies of your articles to our clients. The articles must be relevant to our subscriber base, provide valuable information (i.e. not a sales pitch) and read well.
To become a Bronze partner please email us a short biography of your business (or send us a link to your website), and give us some information about how often you communicate with your clients and in what media.

Silver partners

For Silver partners, we provide the same benefits of bronze partnership with the following additional benefits:

• Web link from our website to yours;

• We will promote any special offers or giveaways you are running in our newsletter to our subscribers

In return for our help, we would like you to:

• Provide copies of our articles to your clients in your newsletter when you can;

• Recommend us to your clients, either personally or in a newsletter;

• Provide a web link on your website back to our website.

Before becoming a Sliver partner we need to meet with you to make sure that we are both happy with the partnership. At the very least, we need to feel comfortable enough about your product or services to recommend you to our clients. We may establish this in a variety of ways, for example:

1. Reading relevant testimonials from your clients;

2. Experiencing your product or service ourselves;

3. Speaking to or being recommended by one of your clients.

As a Sliver partner, we would expect to meet up with you at least twice a year to discuss how we can each grow each other's businesses and we would expect you to have the good understanding of our business and the service which we provide to our clients.

Gold Partners 

We work with our Gold partners on a more proactive basis to help grow their business and expect them to do likewise with us. With Gold partners we will actively look to refer clients to them. For example, we may send out an email to our subscriber list which only promotes their product or service i.e. which is not part of our regular newsletter. We may also make direct client introductions to you. Being a Gold partner requires that we meet at least once a quarter (i.e. four times a year) to discuss business opportunities. 

Gold partnerships are only available to businesses with whom we already have a relationship, whether as a Silver partner or otherwise.


Any person or business can become an affiliate. An affiliate is a person or business who on-sells our products (e.g. books or secret library memberships) for a commission. Since this is a legal relationship, affiliates must enter into a reseller agreement before they are entitled to a commission. If you wish to become an affiliate, please email us and we will explain the process for applying.