Employed But Under Fire

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Is your job a living hell?

Do you dread going into work in the morning? Is your boss causing you sleepless nights? Does your working environment make you ill?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a scientific reason for it. Research from Ohio State University has revealed that working for a difficult boss not only can cause stress and sleepless nights but can also lower your immune system and lead to other health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

So, if you are under fire at work, the simple answer is to leave, right? Well ... not always.


Do you leave on your terms or your employer's terms?

Let's face it, the main reason we all work is to earn money so we can pay the bills and lead a comfortable lifestyle. If you have no income, the bills mount up and sacrifices have to be made. So if your boss is threatening to cut off your income or is making life so difficult that you want to resign, then you have a problem. Finding a new job isn't always that easy. And then you have the emotional turmoil that he's put you through.

So turning your back on your job is often not a viable option, unless it is on your terms.


Introducing: Employed But Under Fire - strategies for dealing with a difficult boss

If you are under fire you need not take your boss' behaviour lying down because the law allows you to raise a personal grievance. For most employers the very words ‘personal grievance' are equivalent to a battle cry, so if you do this you need to be well prepared.

The personal grievance process can be daunting for most employees. First, there is the fear of the unknown, and second, the risk that you will be out-maneuvered by your boss, making the whole exercise a waste of time.

Employed But Under Fire is designed to tackle both these problems. On one level, it explains the process for successfully navigating a disciplinary or other employment process started by your boss, explains how to raising a PG, and takes you right through to fighting that PG in the Employment Relations Authority. But on a much deeper level it also explains the strategies and tactics you should use to ensure that you obtain a favourable outcome.


Here's what the book covers: 

  • Should you pursue a grievance?
  • How to negotiate an employment agreement so it doesn't trip you up later
  • How to deal with a disciplinary process
  • How to handle claims of poor performance
  • What to do if you are being bullied
  • How to navigate a redundancy process
  • How to negotiate an exit package
  • What to do if a competitor tries to poach you
  • How to pursue your grievance in the Employment Relations Authority

Is this just another legal textbook?

Absolutely not! Legal textbooks are written in convoluted language for lawyers.They explain the law but rarely give practical advice. Employed But Under Fire on the other hand is written in language anyone can understand. It uses the analogy that an employment relationship is just like a romantic relationship - something most of us will have experienced at some stage in our lives. This analogy, which runs throughout the book, makes it both informative and entertaining. But don't take my word for it:

There is definitely a need for a book like this in the market. It contains a lot of good information which is easy to read and understand because of the way it is written. The comparisons with relationships makes it easy to relate to and understand. Employed but Under Fire is a comprehensive guide to how employees should approach their employment relationship written by a lawyer but in non-lawyer talk!
Angela Cameron

There is nothing like this on the market, this is a must read book for anyone facing employment issues which I can say are the norm rather than the exception. The guidance is brilliant and written with the reader in mind. Michael has a real way with words, the concepts are easy to follow and the advice is very clearly laid out. The beauty of the book Employed but Under Fire is it gives hope to those struggling under duress in the workplace and puts in front of them options for them to consider. I read the book four times from cover to cover and each time found something new but each time I thought I can relate to these situations - it was like a comfort blanket. Ken Vesey

Help - at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer

It's true that every employment dispute is unique, but often the advice and strategies needed are the same. The strategies in Employed But Under Fire have been created based upon successfully concluding hundreds of personal grievances. They have been tested and refined many times, just like a good recipe. You could pay $1,000s for a lawyer to get the same advice or you could buy the book. Even if you later choose to engage a lawyer, this book will help you reduce your lawyer's bill and guide you to a successful outcome.

It is the only book written exclusively for employees in plain English that gives you real practical strategies for dealing with a difficult boss.


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