Are you looking for a speaker that won't send the audience to sleep?

I know, a lawyer would normally be the last person on your list to give a speech, seminar or workshop. Acts of Parliament, clauses and sub clauses..(yawn)...I'm falling asleep as I write this.

But, if you have spent much time on this website, you will understand that I am no ordinary lawyer. For starters, I have a sense of humour but that's not the only reason why audiences enjoy listening to me.

What causes audiences to sit up and listen?

We all have a fascination for law. That's why programmes such as Boston Legal, Allie McBeal, Judge John Deed, Rumpole of the Bailey (remember him?) have been a huge hit with TV audiences worldwide.

Law is part of our daily lives and if your audience are business owners, then knowing how to use the law to their advantage is a vital part of business success. But nobody wants to turn up to a boring legal seminar... unless the seminar was being delivered by Denny Crane or Alan Shaw of Boston Legal fame. Then you would pack the room out because there would be entertainment.

I mix education with entertainment

You see, it is not the subject matter which is the boring bit, it is the way it is delivered. When I deliver a talk or a seminar I make sure it is entertaining as well. By mixing education with entertainment I am better able to get my point across because people remember what I have said. If people remember, then they are more likely to implement what I have said in their business. That's when the talk or seminar becomes really powerful, because not only are you keeping your audience entertained but you are also giving them something of value which will make a difference to their businesses.

What can you talk about?

You will see from this website that not only am I a lawyer, but I am also an author. At the moment, my book Employed But Not Engaged is on the bookshelves nationwide which gives me a lot of credibility when it comes to the whole area of disengaged employees and how to get them out of your business. You can imagine some of the stories I have to tell there!

I am also in the process of writing another book called Big Wide Ocean: Strategies for Worry Free Business. In that book I explain how business failure is predictable and there are some simple things you can do to make sure you don't get eaten by the sharks of the business world.

I can structure a talk around either of these topics, you just have to let me know what would be most useful for your audience.

It is not just about the audience, but about you too

It is not just about the audience, it is also about the person organising the event. I will work closely with you to deliver content that you want your audience to hear. Don't be afraid to ask if you want something specific. Also, I don't want to be the one giving you sleepless nights before the event so I will keep in touch to make sure everything goes right.

Here is what one event organiser had to say about my speaking:

"A lawyer would not normally have been my first port of call"

We hadn't had speakers before I became a committee member so I needed to find someone who would not only reflect well on me as the organiser of the event but who would also be informative and interesting. A lawyer wouldn't normally be my first port of call - you typically think of lawyers as dry and poor speakers. However, I had heard Michael speak before and I liked the way he could "hold" an audience with his presence. I wasn't disappointed. He opened with an entertaining case study which immediately captured the room. He managed to keep the audience with him whilst providing information relevant to our industry. The audience went away with information which highlighted issues which they hadn't previously been aware of. Michael was very accommodating in the run up to the event and everything went smoothly on the night - I would definitely use Michael again. Yolanda Alba - Committee Member Landscape Industry Association of New Zealand.

How much?

That really depends on what you are looking for. Since one size doesn't fit all, it is best to email or call (09 358 2725) me for a quote.

Are there any other questions?

Not only do my audiences get the chance to ask questions but so do you. So, if you have any further questions about my speaking either use the contact form on this website or call me ( 09 358 2725 ). If you simply want to enquire of my availability or book me, then the same methods will work.