Selling Your Business

Selling your business may never have crossed your mind. However, unless you want to take your business with you to the grave, you will need an exit strategy and sale is the most common strategy for business owners in NZ. So, how do you prepare for that event and achieve the maximum return on all your hard years of work? Read the articles in this section to find out.

  • Is Your Business Really Worth What You Think It Is?
    This is the time of hard knocks! Do you spend more time on your business than spending with your family? Are you emotional about your business? The reality is that often your emotions drive a greatly inflated value of your real worth. You need to come down to earth and understand the perception of what your customers, banker, accountant, business broker and other parties as to how they see your business. There may be a big gap between your emotional value and market value. What we must do is to narrow the gap! - read more
  • How to structure your business to protect your intellectual property
    It was only after Dean signed one half of the shares over to his General Manager that he realised what he had done. The intention when he sold those shares was to give away half of his Auckland business. However, what Dean had inadvertently done was give away half of his dreams and aspirations for the brand which he had spent five years building up from scratch. A simple step taken before the share sale could have avoided this problem, but Dean was now looking at buying back the shares from someone who didn’t want to sell. - read more
  • Do You Have An Exit Strategy From Your Business?
    Approximately 40% of New Zealand SME business owners are looking for an exit strategy in the next 5 years. Given that the process to exit your business successfully takes on average 3 to 5 years, it is vital to start the Business Evolution process as soon as possible. - read more