Dismissing Staff

  • Is slash and burn the right strategy for your business?
    Subscriber Only When the economic downturn first started to impact John’s business he was quick to act. First signs that turnover was dropping caused John to focus on his biggest overhead – the wage bill. A swift round of redundancies gave immediate relief and he was able to sustain profit levels on an even keel. Six months later, however, turnover had dropped even further and he was facing a personal grievance claim from one of his employee’s with a possible payout of $1000s. - read more
  • How to stop social networking sites killing your restraint of trade clauses
    Dave knew that he had a problem when he came into the office one morning to see a LinkedIn update saying that one of his former employee’s had taken a senior position with his major competitor. But it wasn’t the fact that Mandy had moved to his competitor that started the alarm bells ringing, but that he had received a notification of the move in his inbox – he knew that 70% of his client base would have received the same email and may flock towards her. - read more
  • Do you have a toxic employee in your workplace?
    Does your business (or a department within your business) suffer from any of the following symptoms: (a) High absenteeism; (b) High staff turnover rates; (c) Complaints about management? If so, then these symptoms are a sign of low levels of engagement. However, contrary to common belief, the problem may not lie with your disengaged employee. It could lie with an even bigger problem. - read more
  • Are you making these mistakes when dismissing staff?
    Amanda produced the print outs from her time and attendance system and showed them to Kim. The printouts proved the Kim had consistently been turning up late for work as the weeks and months went on. Amanda then showed Kim the quarterly results which showed a decrease in profits consistent with Kim’s increasing lack of punctuality. Amanda knew something about employment law and realised that she must give Kim an opportunity to respond. However, in her own mind Amanda was decided. - read more
  • Why having a good reason to dismiss an employee may not save you from an employee claim
    Their relationship had been deteriorating for some time. It stemmed from an inappropriate remark made by John at an office party last year about Geoff's current girlfriend which in a drunken haze seemed to find its way back to Geoff and her. So when Geoff heard that John had been arrested on Saturday night with a group of friends for being drunk and disorderly after a rugby game he seized his moment - read more