Financing your Business

If your business has been cashflow positive since day one, then you are the exception not the rule. For the rest of us who have a desire to grow our businesses, we will need to acquire various funding sources in order to keep our businesses running and grow to new levels. What are the best funding options and what are the pitfalls? Read on.

  • How to get free credit without burning bridges
    You lay the wad of envelopes out on the table. A quick scan tells you that there will be more bills than cheques. As you open each one in turn you mentally add up what is owed and what you have received. The big payment you are expecting isn’t there and the deficit is bad news for your ailing bank account. A story familiar to many business owners and a problem which the business owner must grapple with immediately. - read more
  • Do you give a refund or not? Recent case makes it easier for retailers
    Subscriber Only Martin had always adopted a policy of being generous with customer refunds. But when he opened the box to find his stereo system half dismantled, he wasn't feeling so generous. On closer inspection it was clear to him that whatever the problem had been at the beginning, his customer had tried to fix the problem himself and in the process had damaged the stereo entirely. Martin wasn't sure whether to give a refund or not. - read more
  • How to negotiate a Guarantee Agreement
    “Never sign a guarantee agreement” is the mantra of most lawyers. However, in most situations that is simply not practical. Banks and larger lending institutions can be pretty reluctant to waive the requirement for a guarantee entirely. For some lenders, however, it may be possible to negotiate individual terms which reduce your liability. If that’s possible, here is a list of some of the things which you should focus on. - read more
  • Will blockchain impact your business?
    Fake news, money laundering, identity theft, email scams and privacy breaches. This is the world in which we currently live and it has forced most to live their lives with an air of scepticism. Who or what can you now trust? In the ‘first world’, we tend to trust our governments and some large corporations to be responsible. The same level of trust does not exist in other parts of the world. Trust, particularly in an online environment, is the biggest issue facing modern society but a relatively new technology hopes to change all that and could be the next biggest innovation since the internet. It’s called blockchain. - read more