Improving Cash Flow

A business without cash is like a car without petrol. Your business simply cannot operate without it. It is a simple equation: money in must be greater or equal to money going out. Sounds simple but achieving it is not that easy. The articles in this section will help you achieve what every business owner must achieve in order to ensure business survival.

  • Why you shouldn’t copy someone else’s terms of business
    “Never Re-invent the wheel” was the advice I was given when I started in business. And that’s a great adage which I still use today. But if you are looking for a wheel for your car, you don’t go to the local cycle shop. That’s what some people do when it comes to their terms of business – copy those of another business and then realise (when it is too late) that they are completely unsuitable. - read more
  • Where the Bible teaches us how to improve our cashflow
    Subscriber Only No cash means stunted business growth, worry and sleepless nights wondering to how you are going to pay your bills. So you're lying there at night, eyes wide open, thinking how you are going to face your creditors the next morning. In this situation, many business owners (religious or not) would plead for some kind of divine intervention. - read more
  • How directors can prevent themselves being liable for their company’s debts
    Subscriber Only The reason most start up business owners decide to form a company is to protect themselves in the event that their business goes belly up. The so called “limited liability” protection offered by the company structure may psychologically persuade us to take more business risks than if we were trading on our own account. However, in times of hardship, limited liability may not be all its cracked up to be and business owners could end up being personally liable for their company’s debts if they fail out to carry their duties as a director properly. - read more
  • How to get your customers or clients to pay up
    Subscriber Only When the 20th of the month ticks around and your bank balance isn’t looking as healthy as it should, you know you have a problem. A quick look at your debtor’s ledger reveals that there is a lot of money out there but it is no good to you unless it is sitting in your bank account earning interest. So what do you do to get it in? - read more
  • How to get free credit without burning bridges
    You lay the wad of envelopes out on the table. A quick scan tells you that there will be more bills than cheques. As you open each one in turn you mentally add up what is owed and what you have received. The big payment you are expecting isn’t there and the deficit is bad news for your ailing bank account. A story familiar to many business owners and a problem which the business owner must grapple with immediately. - read more
  • Cashflow tips: How good is your fuel gauge?
    When was the last time you were driving your car and you ran out of petrol? If you answered yes, then I suspect that the reason had something to do with a faulty fuel gauge or not knowing how long it was until the next petrol station. So why is it that many businesses seem to suddenly run out of cash, splutter and then fail? Well, cash for your business is the equivalent of petrol for your car, and what does every car come equipped with? - read more